Add, Keep, Toss

Do you feel it yet? The normalcy of pre-Covid days is coming back. The streets have more traffic and the stores have more crowds. I’m not sure if those are the things I really missed. I mean, does Hoda really want to be sitting that close to Savannah, or have they been enjoying this newfound spaciousness? But we’ll take some of the not so good things, maybe even modifying them a bit, just to have the really great things back.

    Throughout this whole pandemic there was one thing that I really, truly, missed. I mean, besides the whole hugging parents, gathering with friends, and generally feeling safe.  

     Night after night, my hubby and I sat through episodes of Tiger King, The Queen’s Gambit, and all the extremely entertaining fodder that kept us amused during Covid. However, I had a standard line Paul more than likely got sick of hearing. 

     “I miss the movies. I can’t wait to go to the movies.”

     Last week my wish came true! My daughter and I went to see A Quiet Place Two and let me tell you, my heart soared. Ahh, there was popcorn and reclining leather seats. The eerie music played in surround sound as ugly-ass creatures crept across the huge screen and devoured anything that made a sound. What a thrill!

Karl and I on movie night!

     Then I kicked it up a notch. Karlie and I went to see Cruella, and once again, we had a blast. We even tried a movie theater hot dog, and for a whole dollar (did you even think you could buy anything for a dollar outside of the dollar store anymore) we added some yummy junk to our movie going repertoire.   

     Now here’s the funny thing. Before Covid, I loved going to the movies, but I so very rarely went. I would see a coming attraction and say, “Oooh, I can’t wait to see that,” and I would add it to the growing list of flicks I wanted to catch. But did I make time to go? Nope. I was always too busy, or had to drive the kids to their own fun evening, or I just plopped on the couch, too tired to venture out. I would say I actually patronized a theater about five times a year.

     But then I had that option taken away from me. And that really sucked. There were no exciting movie trailers, nothing to put on my list, and well, now that it wasn’t there I realized how much I had taken it for granted. 

    I think we all experienced this in one way or another, in some ways more seriously and others, not so much. The things we always thought would be there for us to enjoy at any moment were gone. 

     And now, as we are faced with the world returning to its former self, I find myself reflecting on the past year.

What aspects of life really didn’t serve me, and when taken away, turned out to be a blessing? These are the things I can work towards eliminating from the daily grind.

What things did I take for granted, not really appreciating or engaging in as much as I could have? These are the things I can work into the rotation. 

And lastly, what did this past year add to my life? How did newfound habits and endeavors enrich my existence? These are the things I aim to keep.

     We tend to think of the “edit” as something for closets, cabinets or our physical spaces, but we can apply this concept to our habits, activities, ventures, and dare I say, people, as well.

You know from past posts that I am a girl who loves her pen and paper. I plan on reflecting, and getting this all out in written form, so my thoughts aren’t just fleeting. I’d like to cement some of this so I can revisit, and make sure it sticks. 

     And as I finish up typing, my good ol’ spiral sitting next to me, ready for my thoughts, my son plopped next to me, looking over my shoulder. Maybe that some of that spatial distancing will go on the keep list. 🙂


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