My name is Jennifer Restucci-Smith. Originally this blog was a place where I spoke about outer and inner organization, and how chaos on the outside can make life discordant on the inside. I find that like all things and people, it and I have evolved. While it’s true I have found that an ordered outside space helps my mind and my productivity, it’s also true that organizing my outer environment is not the only way I enjoy rooting through the clutter and finding peace. I tend to go inward to the jumble of my mind and sort through the excess there in order to find peace, as well.

Sometimes the tumult that resides within is a result of what’s going on in the world around me, the things we’ve been conditioned to believe, or occasionally I think I’m like most people and I just get stuck inside my head. 

For the most part though, I am a person who knows true joy and I often use what I believe to be my superpower; I know how to find the good and the beauty in any situation. I especially enjoy rooting around my mind on those occasions. Yee-haa!

I hope you will continue to accompany me as I write. Together we can laugh through life, and maybe even figure out ways to overcome the chaos that may arise, internally and externally, and transform such moments into calm. After all, the more peace we have, the more joy and love we can give, and that’s not only great for us, it’s great for the world around us.

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