That Little Voice

Boy was I in a funk this morning. You know those days when the negativity record is on replay and you are stewing in a pot of down home blues. Well, that was me today. Now, I know the recipe for changing my thoughts and ending the pessimistic melancholy, but knowing and doing are two very different things. I kept telling myself to replace my thoughts with more positive intentions, but I was just downright stuck.

     So there I was, sitting in my family room on a very cloudy morning, wishing I could shake the funk. And lo and behold, a little voice inside said, “Go outside.” You see, as I sat, I had been looking at the zinnias I recently bought, which still needed to be planted. The urge came again. “Go plant your flowers.”

     So I followed my gut. I went to the garage, pulled on my gardening gloves, got my little shovel and headed out back. There was no running upstairs to get dressed and groomed. I passed go and did not collect two hundred dollars.

Picture it; there I was, in my pajamas, no bra, and frizzy hair framing my head with a circumference similar to that of a large pizza.

     It didn’t matter. I followed the voice and headed out back, thrusting my hands in the soil. The colors of the flowers I was planting were vibrant and cheery. The birds were chirping a morning song and Zoey was chasing any squirrel that dared to come down a tree and explore. The smell of wet earth filled my soul and every now and then, the sun tried to peak out. My heart felt full.

     Well hey, now I was on a roll. I decided I was going to finish up the planting and head out front. Dare I go out there in the condition I was in? My mother would be horrified with me. I come from a long line of, “Always have your good underwear on in case you ever get in an accident,” kind of women, and here I was, minus some pertinent undergarments, ready to go out in public. However, I did not want to trek dirt all through the house while I made myself presentable, and I was reluctant to break the spell nature had cast for me. I was going for it!

     Hoping that none of my neighbors were outside, and looking like a crazy lady, I ventured out front. Continuing to churn the soil and greet the little earthworms, the funk had officially lifted, and I was ready to take on the day with joy, clarity, and gratitude. It’s amazing how nature can do that.

     And, here’s another kicker; I had been struggling with the blog I was originally writing and planning to post today. I just wasn’t expressing myself coherently and my thoughts were jumbled. However, when I felt happy and inspired outside, I knew that this was what I had to write about. Solving that dilemma was a byproduct of me getting outside, which is something I never could have planned.

     I know in the past I’ve talked about going outside and connecting with nature when spirits are in need of a jumpstart, and my drama today can attest to that. But this post is also a reminder to follow your gut, and listen to what your soul is telling you. I couldn’t get my head on straight, and my heart was all jumbled, but my soul knew just what to do and exactly what I needed. I mean, who knows what could happen when you follow your inner voice? You may just wind up barefoot, braless, and beautifying the neighborhood.

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