What’s on the Breeze?

 Last week, upon waking early, I decided to start my day with some outdoor yoga. The sun was shining and I found a lovely patch of shade in my backyard. I set up my mat and played some calming music, so happy to start my day in a peaceful way.

My little piece of heaven.

     There I was, swan diving into a forward fold, listening to Karen Drucker sing about gratitude. Blue skies were above and the lovely green leaves on the trees were swaying in the breeze. Ahh, life was good and there was peace in my heart.

     As I rose to mountain pose, I caught a smell on the breeze. Hmmm, I know we just did doggie clean up and I checked my surroundings before setting up. Silly me. It must be nothing.

     So I dove down once again, totally in my zone. I caught another scent of something unpleasant. This time, I peered in front of my mat and lo and behold, the item in question was right there, four feet in front of me. A little gift from our Miniature Schnauzer, Zoey.

Yup, I did it. I actually posted poo.

     I had to chuckle to myself as it was a great reminder. Sometimes, even in its most blissful moments, life can give you a little bit of poo. 

     Most of the time I breathe deep to help myself through the tough, aka, poopy times. That day however, breathing deep just wasn’t going to cut it, especially if it meant getting a nose full of $h!t. 

     On days like that I have two choices. I can either remove the crap, getting rid of the source of the problem, or remove myself from its vicinity, extricating myself from the dilemma. Eliminating the unpleasantness that doesn’t serve us does wonders for our peace of mind.

    This time I chose to move myself to another, more delightful smelling spot to complete my session. After I finished I removed the dastardly culprit.

    And there, under the trees, was my little lesson for the day. Keep calm, remove poo, carry on.

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