Head First

 I’m on a roll folks. I guess I just can’t stop thinking about what I posted last week, and the whole concept of purchasing items for the purpose of either helping me fulfill my goals, or to boost my spirits or self esteem. These thought are persisting because here’s what happened.

My journal and my candle…part of the ritual that helped me work it out!

    Recently, I was up early one morning, engaging in my morning ritual. (That, my friends, is a post for another day. We all need a morning ritual!) Anyhoo, I was writing, setting my intention for the day and trying to shake a bit of the blues that had somehow decided to join me upon waking. I was working out on paper why I was feeling funky and how I could pick myself up a bit. The writing was working, serving me well, and the lift I was starting to feel was not only from my coffee.  But lo and behold, there popped a thought! 

     “Oh, if you had a new outfit, you would feel so great! That would for sure give you the boost that you need!” 

     And yes, for a few seconds there, I did picture myself in Loft trying on some gorgeous clothes, strutting around in some great new threads. Now, there wasn’t a TV or magazine ad that spurred this on, though I’m sure there is some conditioning involved there. My point is that this desire for an outside product to lift my spirits came from my own thoughts. Me. I was the culprit.

     Did I then flip open my computer and proceed to shop online? No. I continued writing and got to the bottom of things. By the time I was done writing I felt like a new woman, ready to take on my day.

     Truth be told, I did feel I needed to do a little something to boost by spirits, to feel good about my self. Well at least my outward self. Know what I did? My hair. I’m not joking here. My mornings have been so jam packed that I’ve been flying out the door with my hair in a pony tail accompanied by my five minute (on a good day) makeup routine. I actually took time, applied hair product, used my diffuser and made myself purty. Mission accomplished. I have been strutting around town with that, “Damn I feel good about myself” glow! And even though I just had to walk through the rain sans umbrella and it now looks like someone from Def Leppard styled my hair, I still feel good. I did not rely on consumerism to fix something going on inside me.

     Also just a heads up, I AM going to go to loft this spring because yes, I need to. My spring wardrobe needs some purging. But I am NOT going to go to Loft because I don’t feel good in my skin or “less than.” My thoughts need to be adjusted before the shopping trip happens. 

     So I’m harping on it again. First fix your head. Set your goal, get on your path, and as Lady GaGa says, practice radical self acceptance for the person you are today. When you feel smashing, and if you have the need, the cash and the closet space, head on out and make your purchase. 

     Remember, things will not make you feel good. YOU will make you feel good. Yes, we all have little treasures that make us happy, like my favorite coffee mug, for example. But that mug simply won’t love me like I can love me.

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