You Don’t Need the Slippers!

See that nifty little doo-dad below? Know what it is? Don’t ask me the actual name because I forgot it. It was Italian sounding though, and oh how badly I wanted one. After all, spending two minutes each night with this little pink wonder cleansing my face was going to be better than finding the fountain of youth. I was going to have skin like a baby’s bottom, sans diaper rash, that is. When I won an Ulta gift card at a local fundraiser, I dashed to the store, picked one up, and raced home with my new lease on life.

My wonder product.

     Needless to say, the product of my dreams wound up sitting on the bathroom counter with a smattering of occasional use. Two minutes doesn’t seem like a very long time to cleanse your face, but when you are adding that to an already extensive bedtime routine at the end of a very long day, a 20 second face wash is going to win out. My little pinky fell by the wayside quicker than you can say “flawless skin.”

     Now I don’t think I’m alone in this experience of thinking a product is going to be life changing, yet when purchased, winds up banished to the graveyard of dashed dreams. I’ve heard people tell of workout clothing/equipment that was going to get them on the best fitness routine of their lives, cookware that was going to make them dedicated to cooking gourmet meals every night, makeup that would render them magazine worthy in minutes. This insert name of item is going to be just the thing that will get me to insert action or end goal, and my life will be changed! This mindset is how we contribute to our clutter, spend money on things we don’t necessarily need, and wind up disappointed and discouraged when we fall short of our goals.

     So guess what finally happened? I no longer purchase these miracle items thinking they will change my life. Want to know the magic formula? Before I purchase any external, tangible item I believe will change my life, I first make the internal, desired change in myself. I work on the habit I am looking to instill and end result I am aiming to gain. Once that is in place for the most part, if I still think a nifty product will help me on my path or keep me excited and motivated, then I go for it! At that point, I’ve already set myself up for success. The item will not be something I’m depending on to change my life, but a tool to assist me on my journey.   

     Let me illustrate with the cookware example. So, maybe you have some crappy pots and pans and you think that once you get the shiny new ones, you will want to cook more often. As a matter of fact, you will make the most delicious meals your family has ever tasted, you will all be healthier and you will all be happier as you sit and eat around the table together. Don’t wait for the new items to make your change. Start cooking with the not so desirable pans. Get your habit going. Gradually move forward, planning your meals, cooking one or two healthy ones and adding on little by little. Give yourself a plan, some time, and room for growth. After a few months you will see changes and feel really good about yourself. A new great habit has been instituted. NOW go buy the shiny, upscale pans to support your awesome new habit and you won’t have a product that will end up as unused clutter. There’s no guilt of having spent money or the disappointment of wasted good intentions. You will have a great item you enjoy using while you engage in your new passion or activity. Your end result is no external clutter and increased internal fulfillment. Who could ask for anything more? In my case, I should have been washing my face for a two full minutes and then purchased Pinky to kick up my already awesome habit.

I also have to admit that I looked up my little pink dream on the Ulta website and it is called the Foreo Luna. After reading the reviews, I’m thinking I really should start using this bad boy. My pores are already feeling smaller. 

A bit blurry, but you get the point, no?

     Remember how we talked about Dorothy a few weeks ago? After her whole ordeal in Oz, Glenda informed her that she already had the power inside her to make change and she didn’t need the ruby slippers to do what she needed and wanted to do. Let’s remember our inner Dorothy before we make purchases. When we get back to Kansas, if we still want to treat ourselves we can go right ahead and do so. We’ll only be making our own backyard a bit better.

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