Don’t Hate on the Love

Ahhh, it’s the day of love! Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I get excited for February 14th, but I also know that there are lots of haters on this day. Yeah, I know! Pick your jaw up off the ground. Or perhaps you are one of the haters? Since this little blog is about inner and outer peace and clarity, I’d like to boost some emotional contentment today. For all those people who think Valentine’s day is a contrived, commercial holiday aimed to boost consumerism and profits, I’m here to help you fall in love with the day itself.

    First let me address the people who might be hating on the fact that they have no significant other to share this day with. Okay, heads up. This day is about LOVE in its many forms and not just amorous love. As many of you already know, the Greeks have identified at least seven different kinds of love, and this day does not only acknowledge Eros, or romantic love.

Perhaps you might want to readjust your thinking and celebrate with Philautia, which is self love. Even google will tell you that “we can only love others if we truly care for ourselves.” In Eastern thought and calling to mind our seven chakras, we must first develop our personal power and self love in our third chakra before we can move on to unconditional love in the fourth. So give yourself some good old fashioned attention. You want chocolate? Buy some. Massage? Why not? Give yourself a great big hug and recognize the truly fabulous person you are and all the love you have to share with the world.

Next we have Philia love? This is an affectionate kind of love, like the one you share with a bestie or a sibling. Go out to dinner with one of your long time friends and recognize and appreciate all the good times and support you’ve given each other.

Your parents? Storge love. Grab a cuppa with mom and dad and have a lovely morning.

Agape love is unconditional love and speaks to that selfless kind of love, and the love of humanity. Do something good for someone today. Volunteer. Help out. Your brain will release oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone and the boost you get will be amazing. Oxytocin also counteracts the effects of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Winning on Valentine’s Day!

With all these different forms of love to celebrate you can’t really be down in the dumps for simply not having one kind. Look at all that’s out there! 

     Next for the dislike of the commercialism. I get it, Hallmark is raking in the dough today. Is that a reason to hate though? How super fun it is to give and receive these little paper sentiments. Remember the tiny cards we exchanged at school when we were little? How much excitement did that garner? And good for all the companies earning some money. Why would we begrudge them and all the restaurant owners and workers (Valentine’s is the second busiest day of the year for eating out) the opportunity to earn a living? I wouldn’t want someone to feel that way about me receiving my paycheck. Let’s all provide services to each other and simply enjoy the process, leaving resentment out of the equation. And if it still does not sit well with you then think of the fact that we are not forced to buy cards or baubles. We can make our own or give of ourselves.

     The last item on my little soap box oration is the fact that the decorations are so pretty! We adorn our front doors with pink and red heart wreaths and window clings, brightening up everyone’s mood. After all, Christmas, Hanukah and New Years are over and many people have the winter blues. Yay, now we have brightly colored decorations and a holiday to look forward to! Embellish your environment with colorful hearts and cupids to bring you joy.

     Now, if I haven’t brow beaten you into loving this holiday then you are a lost cause. Kidding! I will never give up on spreading love, and I hope you don’t either. While you may feel we don’t need a day when love is forced, and that we should be caring for each other every day, let’s just dive in and be grateful we have a holiday that lets us pause from our busy schedules to recognize and honor the love in and around us. So I am simply going to wish everyone a day of love, whatever kind that may be. 

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