Starting Over

 Someone once asked me, “What is the greatest piece of advice your mother ever gave you?” I knew right away what my answer would be.

     You might think it was her famed adage she often quoted when my brother or I would wish for a coveted item. “Oh, I wish I had that doll,” I would say. Mom would respond with “Wish in one hand and crap in the other. See which gets filled faster.”

     While I’m pretty sure this wasn’t my favorite life lesson she imparted, it did put things in perspective for me, and I found myself using that one with Luke last week. I guess we really do become our mothers. 

     No, the best guidance she imparted is something that helps me often. Have you ever had one of those days where something crappy happens, maybe canceled plans or you get a run in your stockings just before a big presentation? Or possibly it’s a slew of bad luck. You set your alarm for 6pm instead of 6am, you’re late for your appointment and feel behind the eight ball as you head into your day.

      It is at this moment you may be tempted to shout, “Now my whole day is ruined!” And most of the time, when we think that way, we actually do ruin our whole day. Instead, I think of mom’s advice.

    “You can start your day over any time you choose.”

     What a fantastic option, right? I mean, we all have those days or moments when we’re like, “Are you kidding me with this?” But now you have your own little gem to pull out of your back pocket. Instead of wallowing in it, keeping the negative energy alive, well, and influencing all your thoughts and actions that will follow, you can put the brakes on. You can start your day over and let that $h!t go!

     Heck, it might not even be anything so terrible. I used it recently when I found myself indulging in a pizza fest of epic proportions. Instead of continuing the unhealthy streak, beating myself up over it, I chose to start my day over. Slate clean, not dwelling on what just happened because that was sooooo yesterday.

     Sometimes I like to pretend there’s a great big invisible button for me to press. I slam my hand out and bam! Start Over button activated, past released, new day starts here. My energy is cleared, mind re-set, and there’s a pep in my step.

     In fact if you saw me the other day, you may have thought I was high-fiving my imaginary friend a whole bunch of times. Naah, that was just me, starting my crappy day over…again and again. I guess it took a few presses.

       So the next time you are having a doozy of a day, pull out your button and give it a push. That mindset shift may be all you need to start fresh. After all, just wishing for your day to get better won’t change a thing. Ask my mom.

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