The Mirror Has Two Bodies?

 I was getting ready to go out the other evening, and I went into my daughter’s room to use her mirror. Karlie has what is lovingly referred to as, a skinny mirror. Hey, my thighs look pretty awesome in these pants, and that belly…well, sheesh, all those salads are working some magic. 

My good buddy, the skinny mirror.

     I walk out of Karlie’s room with the confidence of a peacock. Hell yeah, I’ve got it going on today; let me just strut on out the door. And this radiance that emanates from the approval of my physical appearance creates my positive attitude, and spills over into my day.

     Now, when I really want to torture myself, I leave Karlie’s room and I go into Luke’s room. Luke has what I cringingly refer to as, a chubby mirror. I go in there when I want to keep it real. Yikes! Thighs anyone? I don’t saunter out of his room like a peacock, but more like a timid mouse, trying to make myself smaller and unseen. Based on the mirror’s image, I do not exude confidence, and as a result, no positive attitude spilling over into my day. 

Luke’s mirror. Definitely not my favorite

    It’s like my own little Jekyl and Hide battle, and quite frankly, it’s not fun. In fact, it’s just down right stupid. I had a great realization as I was scooting between rooms the other day, and here is the reality check.

    Though I looked in two different mirrors, and saw two different images, my body never changed. I did not magically lose 5 pounds as I jogged from Luke’s room to Karlie’s and I didn’t gain that same five by walking over to Luke’s. Nothing changed. My perception was different, my thoughts were disparate, but my reality was the same.    

     The only thing that shifted was my thoughts, and what I said to myself. 

     This in turn, determined how I felt about myself, and that impacted my outlook upon my day, and ultimately, my behavior. The choices we make are based on the thoughts we have.

     When I look good, I feel good. I smile at people on the street, and I make better choices for my mind, body, family…you get the gist. Yet, the actual image of myself didn’t really mean a thing. What was important was how I saw myself.

      It all boils down to this. Everyday, I have a choice. I can choose to think about myself in a positive way, regardless of an image in the mirror that conforms to external expectations, and recognize myself for the spectacular human being that I am, cough cough…okay, recognize myself for a pretty cool person who’s making her way through life, loving and living. Or, I can choose to berate myself based on unwarranted expectations and old thought patterns. 

     As humans, we have that power. We have the power to decide what is important, and what is worthy, and speak to ourselves accordingly.

     Now don’t get me wrong. I like looking good, feeling fit, and taking care of myself. That’s not the point here. The point is that taking care of myself should start with thinking and feeling positively about who I am, and creating constructive thoughts, in order feel good, make good choices and build the the life I want. 

     Now, I have a feeling that all my wonderful friends who read this blog are going to bolster me, and tell me, “Jenny you look great!” That’s why we are friends; we lift each other up and cheer each other on. But I would love it if there were no comments made about my physical appearance, no matter how supportive the statement. I want all my readers to see this post for what it truly is. It is a piece about our thoughts and choosing them wisely in order to impact our lives positively. And this pertains to all aspects of our life, not only our physical appearances.

Our thoughts are our greatest power, and we need to choose them wisely.

     I won’t tell you whose mirror I used today, but I will say that I sauntered out of the room. Damn! How you doin’?

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