Following My Light

 I’ll never forget that cold day in January, sitting in my cozy kitchen as my finger shakily hovered over the “publish” button for the posting of my first blog entry. Forget butterflies. I think there were some cicadas and horseflies racing around my belly too, and someone was playing salsa music for them. 

     While I felt sure that this was something I wanted to do, all I could think of was what would people think, how would I be judged? Could I really let so much of myself be seen? Who am I to do this? 

     But there must have been some fireflies gliding about in there too, because they lit the way for me. I clicked submit, nearly vomited, and waited to for the response. My gratitude is still resounding for all the love and support I received then, and still feel so generously now. 

Not a firefly illuminating the way, but this image lights me up. My mom painted the birch trees.

    Originally, this blog was a place for me to speak about outer and inner organization, and how chaos on the outside can make life discordant on the inside. I had seen how clearing the clutter and getting organized played its part in my own life, and the tremendous benefits of weight loss, clarity, success, happiness and peace that ensued. Since then, I’ve always wanted to shout from the mountain tops how much this had helped me, and I believed it was the organization component of alleviating chaos to find the calm, that excited me. Now I realize that it is, and always has been, so much more. 

     While it’s true that an ordered outside space helps my mind, body, spirit and productivity, it’s also true that organizing my outer environment is not the only way I enjoy rooting through the clutter and finding peace. I tend to go inward to the jumble of my mind and sort through the excess there, in order to find peace, as well. 

     And this internal examination and trying to make sense of what goes on around me is what has really been making me light up, what I’ve been exploring, and what I want to share more of.

      I also happen to know, in the depths of my soul, that my purpose is to to spread love, peace, and compassion, and as this blog has evolved, I realize this is a place for me to do that. My love for writing meets up with my love for, well…love.  

   I hope you will continue to accompany me. Together we can laugh through life, and share our experiences as we figure out ways to get through the chaos that may arise, internally and externally, and transform such moments into calm.

Sometimes that means finding the perfect drawer dividers that will give order and calm to my space, but more often than not, I’ll be sifting through what is dividing me inside, in order to find peace. Let’s continue to find the calm in the chaos, and as these last days of summer wind down, may the fireflies continue to light the way.

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