Hung up on Neville

My Christmas tree, and more specifically, my Christmas ornaments, are a thing of beauty. And as Mary Poppins always says, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” That’s true. My ornaments make my heart sing, and that’s not just because they are aesthetically pleasing. I would say about 95% of the ornaments on my tree have significant meaning. I love to place my favorites strategically on the right hand side, so when I wake up early for my sacred morning time and I am basking in the glorious glow of my tree, I can easily spot my favorites and take a walk down memory lane. 

     You see, I have ornaments that my Grandma gifted me when I was just a little girl. A few are from my time living in NYC with one of my besties, others from college years. Some commemorate something about my children’s year, or a family vacation…you name it, there’s an ornament that brings me back to a special and joyful time in my life. 

     So these babies are my treasures. Which leads me to my next question. What do you all do to protect and store your ornaments? Taking down any kind of decoration is a task unto itself, but putting the ornaments away so they are safe and don’t break is quite the undertaking. For my glass ornaments and most precious, they require individual wrapping and placement in a box, which is then put inside the larger storage box. The sturdier ones don’t require as much attention, but whoo boy, this requires time, and a giant prayer that none become harmed. So, I’m asking you all…any tips? Have any of you tried those extra large storage boxes with the compartments build in for the ornaments? What are your go-to’s for keeping these puppies safe? I think we could all benefit from sharing ideas. I apologize for not having any pictures of my bins but I’m still immobile. Perhaps I will post at a later time.

Yes, I also share Neville’s tendency to forget.

     And as I close out, I just thought I might highlight one of my favorites. Presenting, the Remembrall, an ornament that was made for me by my wonderfully creative friend, Tanya. Tanya knows that I have an affinity for Neville Longbottom and gifted me with this beauty. I feel Neville is one of the unsung heroes of the Harry Potter series, and this Remembrall is in honor of him. Despite the fact that Neville is awkward and not gifted with skillful magic power, he unabashedly uses whatever meager magical gifts bestowed upon him, and knows that true power and success lies not only in using the talents you have, (however big or small they may be) but also in loyalty, courage, fighting for good, and standing up to and for friends, whichever may be best for the situation at hand. I try to remember to live a bit like Neville, and this ornament often reminds me to do so. So while this ornament gets hung up on the tree, I’m a bit hung up on Neville. I hope you have some special decorations you cherish, and that they are kept safe and sound throughout the year. Until December, dear ornaments!

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