Whoops! It happened.

No one loves a good clear out more than me. Well, maybe that’s not true. I’m sure a ton of people do. However, one of the reasons I love writing this blog is simply to express how letting go of the clutter around us can free us in our physical spaces and give us mental and emotional clarity. It’s liberating!

“Release,” I say, “and you will always be provided for,” and yes, this mostly proves to be true. 

     “Oh, but what if I need something I gave away?” people ask. 

     “That may possibly happen,” I reply. 

     Once in a while it does, and usually it’s not a life or death situation and does not break the bank. Well guess what? It happened. And you know, I’m still alive and I’m not in the poor house.

The culprit.

     A while ago, I was doing one of my linen closet clear outs and in my first aid bin, I came across my contraption to cover an injured foot and leg while showering. I had hung on to it for a while. It doesn’t hurt to keep things for a bit, assess whether it’s necessary and then decide whether or not to pass it on. I kept. It sat. I assessed. It didn’t make the cut. Three years ago, the item moved on.

     Flash forward to New Years 2020 and some much needed foot surgery. I really know how to rock in a new year…ummm, yeah, not really. In his pre-surgery instructions, my doctor told me I would need a waterproof cast covering. Ohh boo hiss! I gave mine away three years ago! What is a girl to do?

     I know I could have asked around. My East Windsor community is super helpful when it comes to neighbors hooking each other up with a plethora of needs. However, I just needed this task quickly over with. So I turned to my other good friend. Amazon Prime. Now mind you, I am a supporter of local businesses as well, but we have Prime for a very good reason and this is one of them. In minutes, I had a new leg cover ordered and it arrived in less than 48 hours. It cost me $17.99 plus tax.

     Would it have been nice to not have had to spend the $20? Yes, of course. That’s lunch for two at Panera (kind of), a donation to RISE, or a new essential oil. But I’m lucky to be in a position right now where it is just not a big deal. I’m able to move on and I’m not affected in any adverse way.

     What’s my point? Just to re-iterate that it’s more important to release and let go of the things that are not currently serving us, rather than hanging on in fear that we will not be able to handle a possible fallout of our decision to move on. We are fully equipped to figure things out, and to know that our needs will be provided for. It will happen from time to time that we might wind up requiring something that we gave away. No big deal. In all my years of decluttering, a $20 repercussion is not bad at all. Trust yourself. You got this. 

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