What’s a Comin’?

Ah, transitions…those little precursors to change that sometimes gently, and other times loudly, nudge at us to get our attention. “Change is a comin’,” they seem to say, and this can make us joyful if we are expectantly awaiting something wonderful, or anxious if what bodes is unwanted.

     I remember my kids being awful with transitions. Once in Target, Karlie preferred to stay in the book section and hang out, rather than check out and continue on with our errands. When a meltdown ensued, I had to throw her over my shoulder and carry her out like she was a ginormous 1980’s boombox. Too bad her screaming and crying didn’t come out as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I think the stares we had gotten would have been a bit more delightful.     

     But today, as I once again write with the sun shining, warming both my spirit and my day, I want to steer clear of the difficult transitions and talk about one of my favorites, and what’s a comin’ nowadays is…SPRING!

Look what’s shooting up!

     Have you noticed the crocuses are beginning to sprout? Even my tulips are starting to burst through the earth. 

The little joys of this beautiful transition.

     The birds are flocking to my yard, and they are pecking away, trying to get that worm. A few days ago I was amazed to see a flock of beautiful black birds with iridescent blue heads alight on my pool cover, bathing and living the good life. I googled these joyful little suckers and found out they are Grackles. 


In just a day or so, whammo! They bloom 🙂

    You see, it’s not only the earthy smell and the burgeoning of plants, the arrival of animals, and the bursting of colors that bring joy as winter transitions to spring, but the possibility of something new. It’s a feeling of expectancy and an awareness that something is on the horizon.

    And as I soak in the beauty of all that is shifting around us, I like to think of what is it that I can birth this spring? No, not that…those days are clearly over. I’m watching mother earth create and taking note of all the changes in our physical surroundings, allowing the sights, smells, and feelings to give me that little burst of hopefulness, considering what it is that I might be able to create for myself? What can shift? What can I let go of? Hell, if ducks can molt, why not me?

     I for sure won’t be kicking and screaming as winter gives way to spring. I’ll be paying attention and hoping those little Grackles come back to greet me, but as I wait, taking in all the little transformations and finding joy in the changing of nature, I will be thinking about how I may be changing and creating this season too. How about you?

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