The Joys of 2022

It’s a shiny new year, I was happy for it,

Then suddenly I encountered some shit.

This was after they rebuilt the walls and the ceiling. The bathroom was damaged too!

Family sickness and home disasters galore,

Water flooded the ceiling and ruined the floor.

Insurance doesn’t want to pay us,

Our bank account is turning to dust.

My son has Covid, the kids are learning online,

These warm happy feelings are in decline.

So I sat in my spot, it’s time for some prayer,

Let me get still, see what God has to share.

But there is chaos abound and this is my view,

I’m a girl who needs order, what should I do?

I got real funky and bickered with P,

He’s moody too, on that we agree.

There’s so much I was looking forward to,

And now I feel stuck in muck and poo poo.

I spent time in my bed, sleeping away,

Hoping things would get better somehow, some way.

I funked and resisted and was pissed off galore,

But it’s time now to shift, of that I’m sure.

I sat for a while in the dark and gloom,

Then drew back the curtains, let sun in the room

It’s important to feel the things we are feeling,

Not brush them away because they, too, need healing.

So I spent some time feeling funky and low,

Now I’ll choose the direction I wish to go.

Time to pick up and time to dust off,

2022 deserves a new boss.

I’ll step into that role, like a badass,

Sorry if I’m just a little bit crass.

You see I have the power, It resides in my head,

These thoughts that I think, can be changed and led.

What I think, I then feel, and will become true,

So why create things that belong in the loo?

I’ll take care of my boy and get him well,

He’ll be back on his feet, giving me hell.

Our contractors will be here for a while,

Then our rooms will be put back with style.

As for the money, it comes and it goes,

48 years on this earth taught me so.

I have decided to enter the light,

To release the worry that came with my plights.

I’m ready to face all that life throws my way,

Until I’m knocked on my ass, another day.

But that’s okay, I’ll know what to do,

Be still, recharge, and push on through.

I wish a glorious year to everyone,

Filled with love, and peace, and lots of fun.

May your light shine bright, and may you continue to glow,

And be the boss of your thoughts as you live and you grow.

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