Thanks, Chalk Talker

 If you read this blog regularly, I’m sure when you realize this is another post about running, you might do as Junie B. Jones does, and give a great, big, huffy breath. But bear with me here, especially since this comes on the heels of a recent post.

     I was looking over my July photos yesterday, and I came across these beauties I took when once again, I was running. I’m telling you peeps, being outdoors is great for your soles and your souls.

     It just so happened that on this day it was miserably hot. For the most part, that is how July running tends to go but hey, I suck it up. The feeling I get afterwards is enough to keep me going through the torture…most of the time.

     There I was, on my favorite path behind the library and park, sweat dripping as if Eyoere’s little rain cloud was right above my head, keeping time with me as I plodded along. And lo and behold, I look down and this is what I see.

     Really? I am? Hmmm, that plod just got some pep. I continued along.

     I do, don’t I? Thank you! The corners of my lips began tilting up into a smile, despite my beet red face.  With even more pep, I kept going.

     Holy crap, I am amazing! I’m out here on a hotter than balls July day, getting my groove on!

     And yes, thanks to you, I certainly will have a good day.

     These are just a sampling of the messages that lined the entire path, and let me tell you, it not only made me happy in the moment, it set the tone for my entire day. 

     Last week I talked about running on my favorite path, and how I had the realization that tiny acts can create great change and spread a whole lot of love.

And here I am this week, talking about this very same path, having been the recipient of someone else’s small act, their rain drop in the brook, rippling out. When you think about the fact that I am just one person, and that possibly a hundred people or more may have seen these messages, sheesh, that’s a lot of love and kindness spreading out into the world.

     I’ve decided to dub this person the East Windsor Chalk Talker. Who ever you are CT, thank you for that drop of kindness. I’ll be sure to let it ripple.

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