Calm from THIS Chaos?

Yesterday morning I was so excited to begin working on my first post of the new year. Over the weeks there have been so many things milling around in my brain. Those little bits of chaos that go on in my physical space and being. Throw in some fluctuating mental and emotional states too. And oh how these things and thoughts enjoy staying, and playing, and morphing and doing their thing. But touche! Oh how I love to jump in dissect them and attempt to figure them out, leading to calm, or at least a path to calm. 

     Nothing however, could have prepared me for the chaos yesterday brought, and trying to understand or absorb it all did nothing to soothe the soul. How does one find the calm in this atrocity?

      I am grateful to be a part of a wonderful spiritual community. Reverend Angela sent out a link for a prayer circle to be held that evening, and I felt peace at the prospect of being able to connect with others and share what our collective humanity was experiencing. 

     Connect. Not on social media. Not through memes. Not through shouting, reposting, seeing horrible images. Not behind a screen. Well, okay, you got me there. It was on Zoom but technically I was in front of the screen, seeing others and sharing in real time. That feels different to me as compared to being behind a screen, where posts can have an anonymous disconnect.

     The meeting helped to calm my soul. We talked about what we were feeling, prayed and meditated, and sent out as much love as we could possibly muster. Love. The love we had inside ourselves and then out to the world, because whatever you call it – prayer, intention, the sending of energy – it works. It brings peace and love not only to the receiver, but the giver, as well.

     I also feel the need to mention that despite all the fear, sadness, shame and anxiety that we spoke of, people were still hopeful. People still had gratitude and love and a sense that we will heal from this eventually. It was just what I needed to hear. Despite the chaos, peace can and will prevail.

     So how do we heal? How on earth do we go about doing that? I believe it starts with the two very things I had the opportunity to engage in last night. Connect. Love.

     Come out from behind your screens. Let’s get off social media for a while. We are only sinking further into the muck and mire when we are dwelling there. Now go and truly connect with someone. I’m going to call my Godparents after I post this. I miss them and “keep meaning” to call. It’s the perfect time to connect and let the love flow.

    Leading to the next point. Love. Act from love. Speak from love. Be love. Do a kind act for someone today. Let’s not just talk, let’s do. I think I’m going to attempt to bake today, and bring some cookies to my neighbors. Maybe the people I haven’t spoken to in a while. Hmmm, I’ll have to check the expiration date on those pumpkin spice chips. I don’t want to be giving an upset stomach along with the love.

    When we act from our highest selves, showing love, and caring for and connecting with those around us, it will spread. It will help to sow the peace that is so desperately needed right now. We can choose to go on facebook and entrench ourselves in the negativity of it all, or we can just go into our own communities and do something that will make a difference. When you throw even the tiniest pebble into a puddle, it makes ripples. Not just one, but many. 

     Let today be the day you toss your stone.

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