Ode to Isolation

Hello fine friends, it’s now been four weeks,
Of confinement to homes, are things looking bleak?
We’ve said goodbye to the kids’ school house classes,
Isolating ourselves, keeping away from the masses.

Life feels off and it doesn’t seem right,
To constantly have the same people in sight.
When things get bad, I sulk for a bit,
And than make a new plan, engaging my grit.

I will now chat about things that I miss,
And even complain about about my lack of bliss.
When all that is done I’ll get back on my horse,
So I can see the bright side, of course.

Fresh produce is another huge thrill!

It’s the little things I miss most of all,
A bottle of seltzer would make excellent haul.
The whole family went for a full six days,
Drinking only water, we weren’t amazed.
It felt like I was Laura Ingalls,
But that’s not true, I have a heated house with shingles!
Why would I fuss, I have clean water to drink,
I should count my blessings, one would think.
But behold that fine day I ventured out,
Masked and gloved, without a doubt,
I purchased some groceries, seltzer as well,
The elation I felt! my heart did swell.
And believe me, I really do feel like a million,
When my flavored seltzer, I’m a swillin’!
I’ve learned to be grateful for just the small things,
And all the joy raspberry seltzer can bring.

But another take away from my thirsty tale,
Is resourcefulness on a much larger scale,
The four of us decided to make,
Our own iced tea, for goodness sake.
We played with different flavors galore,
Ginseng, mango, peach and more.
We discovered we can become quite crafty,
When pandemics turn our situation nasty.

And forced to stay home when sometimes I’m wishing,
To run to the store when an ingredient is missing.
But hey, there’s that ingenuity again,
Getting creative with food, for ourselves we can fend.
Things don’t always go as planned,
But our meals turn out well, using what’s on hand.
It turns out we also save some of those dollars,
Not running out for cilantro, let’s all holla!

In days of yore I’d go for a facial,
But the rules of no touching and 6 feet of spatial,
Distancing ourselves is sometimes quite tough,
But now my own skin care routine is enough,

I’m using that little pink facial doo-dad,
I spoke of in a past blog, hey not too bad!
And it just so happens I have the time,
To engage in a five step facial routine, how fine!
All my fun products are now in use,
I have lots of time, there’s no excuse.
Using what you have is an organization requirement,
And it’s something we can do during confinement.
So while I feel bad that I don’t have the fine treat,
Of a fancy facial and a massage on my feet,
I can certainly look forward to the day,
When I receive that service, and also can pay,
For new products because all mine ran out,
And I can stimulate the economy, let’s all give a shout!

Easter was a bird of a whole different feather,
We had quite a different get together.
We gathered outside, six feet apart,
It still couldn’t erase the love in our hearts.
We chatted for an hour then all departed,
It was time for our dinner to soon be started.
No pastries for dessert this year,
No cannoli or sfogliatelle, oh dear!

A mini cinnamon bun for dessert!

The plus side of that you wouldn’t believe,
One pound less the next morning, I did achieve!
I can assure you that hasn’t happened before,
But isolation requires simple living, not more.
We don’t need to do things to excess,
And we are all joyfully living with less.

Yes, there are many things that we miss,
I’d like to give mom and dad a great big kiss.
But we’re learning a lot of things as we go,
Use what we’ve got, be resourceful and so,
I’m counting my blessings and sparing my squares,
Doing what I can to show others I care,
Spending time with my kids, a pro and a con!
But someday soon, this will all be gone.

So when you feel funky, go ahead and just be,
Whine, bitch and complain, that’s sometimes the key.
But then stop! Don’t let feelings get the better of you,
Switch up those thoughts for something new.

And in the future, when we are out of this muck,
You won’t stand around and say, “Oh ______!”
It would have been good to use some of this time,
To better myself, not only drink wine.
You’ll see you are an amazing new person,
Not the same as before, an upgraded version!

Stay safe and be well, and I wish for you,
Peace in your hearts until all this is through.
A special shout out of course always goes,
To those on the front lines, we thank you, you know.
For without you, all would be lost,
You are all the best, the top, you’re Boss!

Much love and gratitude to my friends, Julie Cargille, Kara Krieger, and Lisa Ennis. They are nurses on the front lines, working hard and making a tremendous difference in our world.

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