She’s Baaack!

You guys remember Susie, right? I’m not quite sure you could forget her. I wrote about Susie back in March when I was revisiting storage bins to see what could be cleared out. At that time, I had decided that Susie no longer served me, sniff sniff, and I was ready to let her go. As I said, I took a picture so I could always cherish her memory. However, I never thought I would encounter the problem of how to let her go.

     Most items can either be passed on to someone who could use them, donated, recycled or as a last resort, thrown in the trash. Susie cannot be passed on to someone else without the risk of incurring nightmares. She cannot be donated or recycled. That leaves one option. The trash. Oh my, I cannot seem to do this. The thought of Susie’s delicate, fake skin covered in coffee grinds and banana peels while she sits in a smelly landfill actually haunts me. When I was younger, my father used to think I was loony for believing my dolls were real. As I look back now I can see his point, but oh how I cherished my babies. I took care of them so well, changing their diapers, feeding them, taking them to the doctors, reading them stories. I called them he or she and my dad would tease, “It’s a doll! You don’t say ‘she’, you say ‘it!’” I’m telling you people, the attachment was real. Obviously it still is. 

     So here I am now, faced with the task of putting this much cherished object to which I have attached human attributes, in the garbage. She (not it) was a part of my youth and my joy. I just can’t do it. I know it is challenging enough to have to let go of something or someone you love, but to be the actual perpetrator of this release adds on a whole new layer. I’m sure you can all relate on one level or another. And that is why I am opening up to you, my friends. Any suggestions? A band aid approach? Just do it? 

    Throw me a line, send me a comment, and help a girl out. Hopefully you will be able to assist. If not, I think this actually may be one of the things that sticks around, because in the end, love always wins.

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