Wired Up

One Hundred Must Have Items to Organize your Entire Life. This was the subject of a Good Housekeeping email I received over a year ago, so of course I had to open it up right away in order to check out all the cool gadgets and fun devices I might be missing out on. Truth be told, I am usually wary of purchasing gizmos that supposedly make life easier because they often wind up becoming the clutter we try so desperately to get rid of. I did, however, find what I thought was a great stocking stuffer for my husband.

GRID IT empty of any wires, earbuds, or chargers.

    Let’s talk about the Cocoon Innovations GRID IT 8 inch accessory organizer. This doo-dad is “…equipped with interior elastic straps to hold a phone, charger cables, external batteries, and ear buds, and it zips shut to keep everything secure.” It was touted as a great way to travel with your phone, accessories, any wires for re-charging and the like. Since Paul often travels for business, I thought this would be a great way for him to keep everything organized and in one place. That little sucker went in my virtual cart right away.

    Let’s fast forward to his first trip. Paul forgot to use it. Second trip…meh, take it or leave it. He then passed it down to our son, Luke, who thought he might be able to use it to tame the mass of wires that hang out by the floor of his desk, looking like a bevy of snakes. Luke excitedly used this for all of 24 hours. Once again, it was thrown by the wayside.

Can you see it nestled against my purple box?
So slim and easy to store, keeping everything in place.

     Being the re-purposer that I am, I was not willing to give up on this little square of elastic organization! At the time, I was keeping all of my ear buds, wires, and chargers individually rolled up and in a small bin in my desk drawer. Sometimes they came loose and had to be re-rolled, and it annoyed me. I decided to try the GRID IT just to keep my various wires tame and in one place. 

Even when laying flat it takes up so little space.

     Guess what folks? I LOVE IT! My desk bin is cleared out of wires, and any time I need my earbuds or charger, I simply open up my cabinet, take down my GRID IT, and easily remove whatever I need. When I’m done, the wire goes back in the grid and then placed in the cabinet. Yes, I agree with Good Housekeeping, this is a must have for organization. You might also find that it is helpful for traveling, though my family didn’t use it that way. The smaller, 8 inch version I have does not zip up, but that is no problem and it still suits my needs. The larger one is 10.25 inches and I believe that one does close and has a place for a tablet. Both can be found on Amazon.

If you are trying to untangle a mass of wires, sick of them coming loose, or you’re completely wired over your wire situation, check out GRID IT. It just may be the thing to untangle your frustration.

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