Finding New Purpose

Let’s get spicy! I’m not talking food here; I’m talking spice racks. I have an awesome rack (haha!) I use in my kitchen. It rotates and all my “go-to’s” are accessible, much to my delight. It makes my heart happy. However, today  I’m not talking about my rotating tower of joy. I’m just going to chat about spice racks in general. The question I’d like to pose is, what can YOU use a spice rack for?

     I have this other bad boy up in my bedroom. I use this clear plastic one for storing my essential oils. Like spices, they need to be visually accessible and I don’t want to waste time searching for what I need. Here they are, all lined up and looking pretty, ready for me to peruse the lot for use. The larger platform even allows for me to store some of my bigger jars, and sprays.

     I know some people who have used similar racks for nail polishes, while others who are super crafters store glitter, ribbons, threads…you get the drift. If you check out Pinterest, you can see versions of a wall spice rack used for books to be displayed, hair care/beauty products, office supplies such as pens, pencils, scissors and rulers held in cute little jars within the rack.

    So this week’s post sets the challenge to think outside the box and get crafty. What are some every day objects you have around your house that you can repurpose to serve another function?

    In my daughter’s room, we had thrown out dried up markers and a bunch of used notepads and realized, we don’t need this office supply caddy they had been stored in. I brought it into the bathroom. I now have my everyday makeup, our family toothbrushes, and my little face scrubber I thought was going to change my life and skin forever (it didn’t) perfectly set up and ready to go. Things aren’t falling over or lying messy on the counter, but are neat and ready for use. They sell bathroom caddies just about anywhere now, but this is something I already had, and I made it work. Another source of joy for me. I guess it doesn’t take much.

    This little, black, horizontal file organizer was no longer needed in my office. Did I find another purpose for it? Yep. It’s in the kitchen, holding my take out menu folder and various serving trays, keeping them neat so they don’t fall over. Again, you can purchase one of these in the Container Store or online, specifically for the kitchen, but here was an office item that now serves me well in a different room with a new function.

    There are a lot of cool organizing gadgets available. Seriously, a girl could go crazy with joy over how much is out there. But whoa Nellie, before I pull out my wallet and purchase more gear, I always take a look around at what I already have or try to find something that can be used in a new capacity. Think outside the box and you will be surprised not only by how you can save some cash, but also how creative you can be when it comes to making things work. Let me know what you find!

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