Happy Monday!

“Happy Monday!” That’s usually what I shout to neighbors as I’m running on a Monday morning before work. Most people will grunt something back. I might get “Yeah right!” and sometimes even the occasional smile in return. But what I notice overwhelmingly, is that the majority of people are simply not happy on a Monday morning. In fact they embody the antithesis to my greeting. Just look on facebook and we have the memes to prove this. My son complains to me constantly, begging not to wake him up on  Monday morning with a song. I’m a slow learner in this way and I just can’t help myself.

     Now I’m going to not help myself and say it to all of you. “Happy Monday!” There is absolutely no reason to be upset about starting a new week. “Why,” you may ask? First off, we are on this side of the earth. That’s right, we are ALIVE! The alternative to this is being on the opposite side of the dirt, linoleum, hardwood floors, whatever you happen to be standing upon at the current moment, and that would mean you don’t have breath. So if you would prefer to not experience a Monday, the only way to do that is to not be here, living, and loving all the amazing people in your life. Any day you wake up is a good day, be it Monday or Friday.

  Would you rather be sleeping in? On a beach? Lounging on the couch in front of a morning show with your coffee? Yeah, I totally get that. I love sitting on the couch with a piping hot coffee on Sunday morning watching, well, Sunday Morning. But Monday inevitably comes and we cannot escape it. Embrace it instead. Be present for it. Smile at the people around you, find your joy, use your gifts, and simply be where you’re at. I know I constantly marvel at how quickly time goes by, and I’m shocked every year, when Christmas rolls around, only to close out the year a week later. We are party to this quick passing of time with every utterance of, “I hate Mondays,” or “Is it Friday yet?” We are wishing away our days and they are far too precious and valuable for that.

    Can I relate all this blithering positivity to organization? Yes, of course I can. Forget about six degrees of Kevin Bacon because I have six degrees of organization. In my first post I spoke about how often times your external space will mirror your internal space, and vice versa. When you are peaceful on the inside, you want your outer environment to have congruence. If  you approach your day with positivity and joy your actions follow likewise, setting a whole ripple effect off in your day, influencing how you approach people and your tasks. You won’t want your space to be jumbled when your mind isn’t. Clarity and joy on the inside breeds clarity and joy on the outside. You may arrive at work after smiling at your co-workers on the way in, open your top desk drawer and think, “Hmmm, think I’ll just get rid of all these crusty old pens that don’t work.” Maybe you will finish up your coffee after the kids get on the bus, tidy up the kitchen before your first task of the day and think, “Hey, let me just organize these utensils a bit better.” And even if you don’t do any of these things, you will for sure be embracing your day, setting yourself up for joy and eventually, your outer space will follow suit and mirror your inner space. At the very least, you are embracing your life. So once again, Happy Monday everyone!

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